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  We want to have the best events in our life. We want peaceful life with our family and society, for which our health will have to be maintained in good condition. Now we get medicines sold for profit with competition. So that some unnecessary additions are included as yearnings.Then we go to the past where Siddha Yogis enhanced their life to thousands of years. They lived to such long years of age with Vassiyoga and great Siddha medicines prepared out of their strength of tapas, meditation and blessings of guru parambara...

Maha Siddha Goreknath, a disciple of Siddhas Machamuni, Boganathar, Agastiar, Allamma prabhu etc. had discribed about two great Siddha Medicines, Kayakalpa Moolika and Panchakalpa Moolika in his great book Karpasuthram. Kayakalpa Moolika is a Sarvarogasamhari which removes all illnesses and diseases in the body and it builds up the health back again by propagating all glands (grandhies) and all senses (panchendriyas). This build up strength and vigour. Panchakalpa Moolika cures all skin diseases. It brings beauty to the skin by removing fades and scratches etc. The skin glows with positive energy and it attracts all the people, plants and events and turns to a positive life style.

These two moolikas will be prepared by Kundalini yogi, Astrologer, Yogacharya, Paramparia Vaidyan Sri. K.K. Janardhana Kurup on request. He also prepares Dhwajoddharani Lehya for additional strength and vigour for men.

He also prepares Brahmi Lehya for improvement of memory power. This is also beneficial for those who loose memory as is in Alscimers. The combinations of these two medicines viz., Dhwajoddharani Lehya and Brahmi Lehya were discovered from Thaliyolas of time immemorial, and had been prepared for long by his parental ancestors. He had also discovered an Ayurvedic formulae for controlling Diabetis in less cost without side effects. It guards our body from side effects made by Allopathic medicines.

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Siddha Goraknath

According to tradition, Gorakkar was considered to be a student of great siddha Matsyendranath. He migrated from North India to South India. According to Bogar he was born to Vasishta through an unmarried gypsy. Hence Bogar calls him Anuloman. (An anuloman is one who is born of a higher caste father and a lower caste mother).
Gorakkar is also known as Goraknath, and founded the Natha order of ascetics, of which there are several branches today, including monastic and householder traditions. He is associated especially with Mount Girnar, in northern India. He also authored the Avadhuta Gita a clasic work which expresses the renunciant’s vision of this material world, as well as the first major work of Hatha Yoga: Hatha yoga Pradipika. One of his most illustrious disciples was Nagarjuna.
He also wrote many medicinal works such as Gorakkar muligai, Gorakkar Vaippu, Karpa Sutram each containing one hundred verses.
The following story appeares in Abidhana Cintamani. Once when Matsyendravath was moving about in the world as as siddha, a lady met him and requested him to bless her with a child. Matsyendranath gave Vibhuti (sacred ash) to her requesting her to consume it. After Matsyendranath left she told this to her neighbours who prevented her from consuming the Vibhuti as it might be a device to entice her and cheat her. So she threw the sacred ash in the oven at her house and finally at the dunghill. After some (18) years Matsyandranath went to the lady’s house and wanted to see the son (born out of Vibhuti). The lady said that she had thrown away the sacred ash in the dunghill at the back yard. Matsyandranath asked the lady to show the place and he went there and called “Gorakkar come back”. Then a young man came out of the dunghill. This youth was handed over to the lady. This youth later on became a Sidha and was called Gorakkar.
The following story about Gorakkar brings out the siddhis acheived by the siddhas. Once Gorakkar and another sidha by name Allamma prabu confronted each other. To exhibit his power of siddhi, Gorakkar asked Allamma prabu to cut him with a sword. When Allamma did so the sharp sword became blunt and did not pierce Gorakkar’s body. Then in turn Allamma asked Gorakkar to do the same. Then the sword entered the body as if piercing through air. This made Gorakkar to realize that Allamma’s body was made of air, and then he became a disciple of Allamma prabu and got many siddhies and blessings.

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